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Token Distribution

Total Supply : 10,000,000,000,000

Launch Price : $0.0000005

  • Farming Pool

  • Staking

  • Ecosystem

  • Advisors

  • Private Sale

  • Liquidity

  • Marketing

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Category Allocation Raise Locked Vesting(months)
Marketing 9% 900.000.000.000 1 Years 17
Ecosystem 10.5% 2 Years 17
Team 5.8% 580.000.000.000 3 Years 17
Advisors 2% 2 Year 17
Staking 14,5% 1.450.000.000.000 --- 4
Private Round 25% 2.500.000.000.000 --- 4
Exchange Liquidity 12% 10 Years 2

The Story

About Us

DinoX INU has created a smart Liquidity network that is not only an emerging cryptocurrency that is built on the Binance blockchain but also has features of transparency, physical rewards, holding, token rewards, and Initial coin distribution, which we believe is crucial for long-term feasibility and decentralization. This white paper is a reader-friendly description of a next-generation decentralized cryptocurrency based on BNB In the crypto market, several problems need to be addressed head-on.

DinoX INU developers sensed a real market opportunity to fill the gaps present today within the cryptocurrency world, Swaps marketplace adoption, and capitalizing on the DinoX INU by rewarding DinoX INU coins investors. These key characteristics serve as the critical elements of this business, ensuring that we remain focused and humble as we develop more extensive and better technologies.

  • Resource

  • Attributes



Where researchers look for materials. the results of the search for seeds that are in the blood of mosquitoes will be used to get NFT dinosaurs

Play to Earn

NFT can only be obtained at Dinolabs, there will be many NFT Cards that produce but you need research to get bones.

Metaverse Soon

dinoverse is currently in the development stage, where VR connoisseurs about Dinosaurs will look more real in it.

Our Goals


Phase 01

An idea pops up, Build Resource, Write Smart Contract, Testnet Development, Launch Dapp’s Testnet.

Phase 02

Website Development, Mainnet Development, Token Launch, Vesting Lock, Airdrops Marketing, Create NFT Resource.

Phase 03

Partnership with Capital, Social media Resource, Marketplace Development, Dinolab’s Development.

Phase 04

Telegram Marketing, Twitter Influencers, Discrod Marketing, 500 Holders, Website live, Buy Competitions, Pre Sale, Audit, KYC, Safu, DEX exchange - In process, Launch $DOXI.

Phase 05

Pre-Sales NFT'S Launch, Image Reveals of NFT's, Marketplace Launch, Billboards, 1000 Holders, Launch Staking Platfrom, Launch Farming Platfrom, Marketing Live.

Phase 06

CEX listings, 5000 holders, News articles, Celebrity endorsements, Dextrending organised after CG+CMC listing, DinoX INU NFTS, Game Fi.

Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked


What is $DOXI ?

"DinoX INU" is a Decentralized, Deflationary & token that merges the worlds of cryptocurrencies and NFT's created by a dedicated team of developers and art enthusiasts, our vision is to produce a DinoX INU ecosystem with utility NFTs plus a deflationary token with low fee, fast, secure and private transactions.

How we can buy and invest $DOXI ?

For Presale you can do it on our website, for Public sale it will be opened at PinkSale with a base price of 0.0000004 and will increase equivalent to $BNB entered into the contract.

Why we should choose $DOXI ?

We are creating a transparent and fun environment for people who are passionate about blockchain and NFT'S and digital assets to become community leaders. Therefore, there are many missions and secrets in the waiting for artists and designers to discover, thereby sharing their experiences with the community through the form of NFT'S. Leaders will be rewarded with valuable rewards in the form of NFT'S and 'DinoX INU' token.

Where we can buy and sell Dino NFts ?

You can get it at DINOLABs, for the marketplace we will make it in the next phase, or we will collaborate with a large marketplace on the Binance network.

How secure is this token $DOXI?

This token has been audited by several well-known companies and we have awards including SAFU, KYC developer.

What is your contract address ?